Schooling as an alternative to ablation

Schooling as an alternative to ablation

It is an educational project aimed at Turkana children, being the least advanced in terms of schooling. The parents consider that a four-year-old boy must dedicate himself to shepherding and taking care of the cattle, while the girls take care of the smallest of the house and try to get water.


Masais girls are necessary as a currency of exchange which, by marrying those, families get food and they give off a responsibility.


The Masais families continue to practice girls FGM (great female mutilation) to marry them.


Through this program we promote schooling as an alternative to living a situation of child abuse saving children to the most disadvantaged.


Donations for schooling will be made in a strictly controlled manner through the legal requests of each school providing the amount indicated necessary for one year.


In the sponsorship program, the sponsors will receive the school grades quarterly and at the end of the course they can decide if they want to collaborate the following year.

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