Lea Modena

Lea Modena


Born in Barcelona in January 1991. Graduated in 2014 in dentistry from the International University of Catalonia, she is a specialist in pediatric dentistry by profession and a cooperator of vocation.


Passionate about the world of dentistry, from the personal interview to be admitted to the degree of Dentistry at the UIC (International University of Catalonia), she was very clear about the reasons why she should study a medical career.


From a trip she made on the coast of Kenya at the age of 13 she was always very emotionally linked to this country.

«I chose this career because my father showed me an article where the numbers of dentists per capita in Kenya in rural areas were very low and I was hopeful that I would be able to help one day».


Growing up, Kenya became a recurring vacation spot until it discovered the indigenous community of Lake Turkana.

Poverty, the absence of health including oral health and the connection with the locals were the seed for a joint work with the community from which it was born: Mayana Project for dental health.

The project grew up wanting to cover other aspects to help improve community conditions including women’s empowerment.


“Always remember the name I gave you. The name Mayana means blessing in Samburu.”


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