Mayana Project

Mayana Project

Mayana Project is an initiative that began in April 2019. It is a nonprofit association responsible for offering dental health and trains local practitioners. As well as teaching and raising oral hygiene through programs in native schools.


Currently the missions are carried out in Loiyangalani and El molo, indigenous communities of Lake Turkana, Kenya.


Among deserts and volcanic stone we highlight different oases inhabited by 4 different tribes both in language and in traditions they are called: Elmosaretu (El molo, Samburu, Rendille, Turkana).


Currently the area receives help from various medical associations, but none has been able to offer dental care. All patients with dental pathologies are referred to Marsabit; a city located four days walking with the inconvenience of the place, including the rivalry that exists between the tribes.


We rescue the necessary sanitary material with the help of our sponsors and donations to start our activity.
We have currently carried out 3 dental missions. Attended more than 200 patients and worked with nurses and local dentists.
We have the collaboration of professionals from other health areas, such as the Maxillofacial Institute of the Teknon Clinic of Barcelona and the physiotherapeutic team of Fisioclinic Manresa.


This dental mission offers continuous dental service every 4 months at low cost to all its inhabitants and aims to be integration project for local professionals and self-managed. We also collaborate with other associations to take this same model of organization to other areas.

It is not just a volunteer project, but a life experience.
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