Mayana Community Dental Camp

Mayana Community Dental Camp

Mayana Community Dental Camp


In 2019 our team began to collaborate with some communities in the Great Rift Valley, in the far north of Kenya, to be able to offer a solution to the dental discomfort of its inhabitants.


With the help of Dr. Ibrahim Umuro, director of the Hospital of Laisamis, province of Marsabit, we managed to create dental campaigns that would take place every three months and that would include local dentists.


Later with the collaboration of the UoN (University of Nairobi School of Dental Sciences) the students would begin to join the project as volunteer dentists always guided by a local or foreign doctor with a dental license in force in Kenya.


Occasionally we have collaborations from other areas of health as physiotherapists, since they can help us work the soft structures that surround the Temporo-Mandibular Joint, often a cause of pain in the mouth.




In the public dispensary we serve all the people of the community and other more remote communities (Mt. Kulal. The Molo)


The incorporation of students from the University of Nairobi along with the hiring of local dentists has meant a shift towards the integration of the expedition into the community.
As a consequence in each expedition we are achieving the record of patients treated dentally in Loiyangalani.


This mission aspires to be an integration project for local professionals and self-managed.




The objectives of this program are:


  • Offer quality, continuous and accessible dental care. That allows to improve the dental health of the inhabitants of the community.
  • Oral prevention programs through training actions in schools.


Currently missions are carried out within the Loiyangalani area which is inhabited by the four main tribes:


EL – MOSARETU acronym meaning – The molo, Samburu, Rendille, Turkana.


These are the indigenous communities that make a living on the shore of Lake Turkana, Kenya, through grazing and fishing.


Although there are efforts by various medical agencies to support the health sector, in this region, services are still inadequate due to the vastness of the area.


All patients with dental pathologies are referred to the Marsabit County Hospital, which is far away and most locals cannot afford to cover even the cost of transportation.

Mission Sponsor July 2021

Maxillofacial Institute of Barcelona
Carrer de Vilana 12
08022 Barcelona

Initial material donation of the 2019 mission

Raga Orthodontics Manresa

Carrio 9 – 11
08242 Manresa, Barcelona

It is not only a volunteer project, but a life experience.