Mission – August 2019


Dental Assistant

An unforgettable experience. I never thought that helping in this project would make me feel so fulfilled.
Thanks to Mayana Projet I have been able to live an experience that has changed my life.


Solidarity person

I had always thought that visiting Africa would be interesting and when I saw myself collaborating with Loiyangalani, I appreciated many things and felt at peace with the universe. It has been very rewarding to know their cultures and feel the warmth of those people who, with little, are the whole.



I was working for 4 years in Meru, I am a nurse and I am passionate about photography. When I was proposed to join the mission, I didn’t even think about it. I worked as a photographer and helped in everything I could in the clinic.
The conditions were a little different, as the community is poor and they have almost no resources.
Although I live in Nairobi, it was shocking for me to discover this new Kenya.
I have been fascinated by the local traditions, I have very good memories of a Samburu wedding to which we were invited…



It was my big dream and I made it happen, thanks to the Mayana Project. I have been able to share great moments with our counterparts in Kenya and I continue to have contact with people there. Eternally grateful.

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