Mission – July 2021



The trip has been an experience. An authentic lesson of humility and generosity on the part of the people who welcomed us with open arms.


Solidarity person

When Salvi suggested the idea of going to Africa to collaborate with an NGO, I thought we could not miss this opportunity. I knew I would never experience anything like it again and make no mistake.
Being able to live with local people is a gift. They are great people who give everything they have. Without a doubt an experience and some people that I will always carry in my heart. Thank you Mayana Project for giving us this unique opportunity.



Going to Loiyangalani has been an incredibly inspiring experience, one of those that change your perception of life, both professionally and personally. Something you take with you forever. A trunk of all those smiles that patients give you, full of new words, learned sounds and unforgettable landscapes.



My parents are not dentists and I spend as much time as possible training in all areas of dentistry. The Mayana Project program has helped me in my professional growth.


This experience of cooperation in Loiyangalani as a dentist is unique and rewarding to me.

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