Scholarship for Maring, a child who wants to study

Unfortunately in many parts of the world education is still not accessible, one of those places is the indigenous communities of Kenya.


Maring is a boy from a Samburu village, the eldest son of a family of four brothers and with an unfavorable economic situation; Maring’s parents cannot afford the expenses of another school year.


David, the local coordinator of our association and teacher of the school of the indigenous community of Loiyangalani informed us of this case, worried, because a child with a lot of potential would not be able to continue his education.


From the Mayana Project we seek a development of the community and this is impossible if we do not previously give the opportunity to study; the change has to come from the education of the population of the youngest that will be the future generations.


Thanks to the scholarship program of the Africa Digna Association we have been able to offer an opportunity to Maring, a child who wants to continue studying in order to help his village.


The subjects he is currently studying are: mathematics, English, Swahili, biology and chemistry and as soon as he finishes high school he will specialize in one of the previous ones.

Read about the meeting with Maring a year later