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As women, we must stand up for ourselves.
We must defend each other.
We must stand up for justice for all.

Michelle Obama

It helps protect a woman.
Offer her her freedom, offer her education for her daughters.
Offer the change!
A bracelet = a reason to keep going

Artisan Products

Unique and exclusive photographs taken by Salvi Danés

With a symbolic and poetic approach Salvi Danés (born in Barcelona in 1985) proposes a selection of 6 images made in Loiyangalani.


They are images that can be interpreted as portraits, mixed with details of objects and places of the town and the cities and hotels where we stop throughout our expedition.


The name of the series is given by the latent potential of its geography and people relating it to the sleepy dynamics of the images.


“It has a very lethargic tone, somewhat dreamy twilight.”
Photographs of Salvi Danés

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