Become a volunteer

Become a volunteer

The Mayana Project team is made up of: dentists, hygienists, physiotherapists, photographers or people in solidarity.


Volunteer dentists and physiotherapists are the only ones who must have the qualification in force.
The Mayana Project association is responsible for carrying out the travel program including obtaining a visa, transportation, accommodation and meals.


Volunteer dentists are the only ones who must have the qualification in force and who must pay 260 euros 6 months before the expedition for the homologation of their degree or license in dentistry to be able to work in Kenya.

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1. Evaluate and select patients
2. Perform treatments and rehabilitation techniques
3. Preventive physiotherapy: advising and working on the most problematic muscle conditions



1. Help prepare the surgical material.
2. Wash and sterilize the instruments.
3. Help the dentist
4. Teaching oral hygiene to patients



1. Select patients to treat
2. Coordinate the consultation.
3. Participate in educational sessions in schools


1. Report the mission
2. Take care of recording good quality videos and taking photographs for the purpose of sale and exhibition


People in solidarity

1. Provide new ways of knowledge and learning to the little ones
2. Participate in talks on ablation and female empowerment
3. Assist in Mama Samburu projects
4. Organize and participate in sports activities with the children of the community


The first day we arrive we will visit the town to orient ourselves and prepare the material in the Community Dispensary where we will perform dental interventions.
The plan during the whole stay excluding Sunday (because it is the day of Mass in the village) is as follows:

  •  08:00 – Breakfast
  • 08:30 – Leaving the accommodation
  • 09:00 – Prepare the instruments
  • 09:30 – The first patients begin to arrive
  • 14:00 – Lunch break *
  • 15:00 – Return until the patients are finished


After the last patient picks up and returns to the accommodation and prepares for the integration activities and dinner.

* Working days and hours may vary depending on the day of arrival, the number of patients and local holidays
* Every day we will carry out a different activity to integrate into the community


Responsibility assumed by the volunteer

Finance the plane ticket to Kenya. The airline ticket will be purchased by the Nezbell agency, responsible for issuing the flights. The volunteer undertakes to travel with the Mayana Project association and will have to pay the amount by bank transfer:


  • BBVA ES70 0182 1015 0102 0249 1593 specifying its name + Mayana Project (mission start date).


In the hypothetical case of not participating in the mission once the flights are issued, we will not reimburse them.


  • Have a valid passport and that it is missing at least one year before its expiration.
  • Get the required/recommended vaccinations to travel to Kenya (ask at your reference center for tropical medicine and international health).
  •  NEGATIVE PCR performed 72 hours before the trip.
  • Adapt to possible certain discomforts or situations.
  • Be responsible at work, give an adequate image during the journeys and the stay
  • Follow the instructions of the person in charge of the mission: remember that according to the
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs the work area to which we go has a medium risk of danger due to frequent tribal clashes.
  • Have an accident and COVID19 insurance policy delivers a copy by email to the association before departure.
  • Sign and fill in the following documents before departure:


    •  Personal data form
    • Volunteer Commitment
    • Informed consent
    • Emergency contact details
    • Confidentiality clause.


Application Form



    Legal notice and consent