Tailoring and sewing proposal in Loiyangalani

The main objective is to ensure that women earn income to keep their girls in schools.

Among the “ELMOSARETU” communities, women’s empowerment has not seen the light and no self-sufficient empowerment initiatives have been taken.

Most women have no education; therefore they have no job opportunities. His work prostitution or look for firewood and make coal causing environmental degradation.

The money they earn is little to cover basic necessities like meals, so we see many cases of malnutrition.

The challenge extends to children who go to school, which causes school drop-out and early pregnancy.

From this practice, the proposal is to raise funds for the first 50 women and two instructors at a professional training institution in tailoring and clothing to acquire skills that will allow them to strengthen themselves economically, since there is an easily available market.

The waiting time to complete the project in its entirety is five years with evaluations and information on the progress of women’s activities every three months.